Installing Node.js

Download install package from At the time of writing this, we have tested and validated the sample application against Node 5.5.0 and npm 3.3.12. Download the specific release of Node 5.5.0 from here to ensure later modules in this training work properly.

When you install Node.js, you’ll want to ensure your PATH variable includes your install path so you can call Node from anywhere. Node comes with npm installed so you should have a version of npm. To install a specific version of npm globallly, run the following:

npm install -g npm@3.3.12

Testing Your Install

Create a new directory named hello-world, add a new app.js file with the following content:

/* app.js */
console.log('Hello World!');

In the command prompt (or terminal on Mac) , run

$ node app.js

If you get any error regarding Node is not found, open a new command prompt (or terminal) to reflect the new environment variable for Node.

To stop the application, run Ctrl+C.