Welcome to DevOpsFun Training!

These notes accompany the hands-on training for open source devops workflow. Feel free to report issues or submit a request to our GitHub repo.

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

Module 0: Preparation
Installing Node.js
Signing up for a GitHub Account and installing Git
Installing Visual Studio Code

Module 1: Developing App
Building a Node.js App
Installing MongoDB
Running the App

Module 2: Provisioning Platform for Development and Testing
Adding Test Environment for your App
Provisioning Resources for Dokku on Azure
Configuring Dokku

Module 3: Deploying App
Creating an Application
Adding MongoDB
Git Push to Deploy

Module 4: Provisioning Continuous Integration Server
Adding CI Solution
Provisioning Resources for Jenkins on Azure
Configuring Jenkins Security

Module 5: Continuously Integrating and Deploying an App
Adding CI Pipeline for Your App
Installing Plugins
Integrating with GitHub
Creating a Jenkins Job
Setting up Node
Exposing Build Badges
Configuring Jenkins to Deploy to Dokku
Configuring Job to Push Updates to Dokku

Module 6: Managing App
Scaling App
Adding a Domain